Season 2 Coming January 1!

Season 2 Coming January 1!
Reading Road Trip
Season 2 Coming January 1!

Dec 12 2023 | 00:02:37

Episode 0 December 12, 2023 00:02:37

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IDA Ontario Kate Winn

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Buckle up - Reading Road Trip is back for a second season!

Join classroom teacher Kate Winn for a jam-packed season featuring fabulous guests. From researchers and authors to educators and advocates, they're all sharing practical ideas that can be implemented now in your class, school, board or district!

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[00:00:04] Kate Winn: Hello to all you travelers out there on the road to evidence based literacy instruction. I'm Kate Winn, classroom teacher and host of Reading Road trip from IDA Ontario. Along with my co producer Una Malcolm, we're planning another jam packed season of episodes to help you navigate this journey with the help of some incredible guests. [00:00:25] Una Malcolm: It I'm Una Malcolm, president of IDA Ontario and Kate's behind the scenes podcasting partner, and we are so excited to be bringing you a new season of Reading Road Trip…and very soon! Episode one launches January 1, with new episodes dropping every Monday, so be sure to follow Reading Road Trip in your favorite podcast app so you don't miss a minute. Get ready to bring in the new year with us. [00:00:50] Kate Winn: Our first few interviews are definitely not to be missed. In the premiere, journalist Emily Hanford is with us going behind and beyond Sold a Story. I really loved this conversation and I can't wait for everyone to hear it. [00:01:03] Una Malcolm: Then in episode two, Nancy Chapel Eberhardt wiill be here talking syntax - such an important part of structured literacy and a key component of our new Ontario Language Curriculum. We've heard from educators who have so many questions about syntax, and we're thrilled that Nancy is with us to answer them. [00:01:22] Kate Winn: And then Catherine Shawana, one of our ONlit teammates, is the guest in episode three, sharing step by step how her First Nation school has shifted from balanced to structured literacy, as well as broader issues around First Nations people and education. I learned a ton from this conversation and I really think listeners will too. [00:01:42] Una Malcolm: We have so many more fabulous guests joining us throughout the season, and I think listeners are really going to be entertained and inspired this winter by everything our experts have to share on topics like reading comprehension, writing strategies, dyslexia facts and myths, as well as the links between literacy and equity. We're really looking forward to keeping you company whether you're listening while you walk, run, do chores, or are actually on a road trip! [00:02:09] Kate Winn: These guests are going to be like the GPS, guiding us together along this journey. So please make sure you have followed Reading Road Trip from IDA Ontario in your favorite podcast app and watch for season two of the show to launch on Monday, January 1.

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