Season 3 Coming July 1!

Season 3 Coming July 1!
Reading Road Trip
Season 3 Coming July 1!

Jun 14 2024 | 00:02:38

Episode 1 June 14, 2024 00:02:38

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IDA Ontario Kate Winn

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Buckle up - Reading Road Trip is back for a third season!

Join classroom teacher Kate Winn for a jam-packed season featuring fabulous guests. From researchers and authors to educators and advocates, they're all sharing practical ideas that can be implemented now in your class, school, board or district!

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[00:00:05] Kate Winn: Hello to all you travelers out there on the road to evidence-based literacy instruction. I'm Kate Winn, classroom teacher and host of Reading Road Trip from IDA Ontario. My co-producer is Doctor Una Malcolm. Yes, since last season, my amazing friend Una has received her doctorate in reading science from Mount St. Joseph University, and together we're planning another jam-packed season of episodes to help you navigate this journey with the help of some incredible guests. [00:00:35] Una Malcolm: I'm Una Malcolm, president of IDA Ontario and Kate's behind-the-scenes podcasting partner, and we are so excited to be bringing you a new season of Reading Road trip, and very soon. Episode one launches July 1 with new episodes dropping every Monday, so be sure to follow Reading Road Trip in your favourite podcast app so you don't miss a minute. Get ready to jumpstart your summer learning with us. [00:01:00] Kate Winn: Our interviews this season are definitely not to be missed. We're kicking things off with our first ever live audience recording from April's IDA Ontario Literacy Learning Conference. Our fabulous guests for that one are Doctors Anita Archer and Sonia Cabell. [00:01:16] Una Malcolm: We'll be bringing you husband and wife team David and Meredith Liben with practical tips for implementing evidence-based comprehension instruction in all classrooms. And Anna Geiger, whom listeners may know as the measured mom, has a great conversation with Kate where they both share their biggest reading science surprises. [00:01:35] Kate Winn: And I'm also really excited about our interview with parent educator, literacy advocate, and author Maya Payne Smart. What she has to share is incredibly valuable for educators and parents alike. [00:01:48] Una Malcolm: We have so many more fabulous guests joining us throughout the season, and I think listeners are going to be entertained and inspired this summer by everything our experts have to share on topics like gifted and advanced readers, word level reading for older students, how to best support multilingual learners, and so much more. We look forward to keeping you company this summer, whether you're listening while you walk, run, do chores, or are actually on a road trip. [00:02:15] Kate Winn: These guests are going to be like the GPS, guiding us together along this journey. So please make sure you have followed Reading Road Trip from IDA Ontario in your favourite podcast app and watch for season three of the show to launch on Monday, July 1.

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